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Poststructuralist Geographies

The Diabolical Art of Spatial Science

Marcus Doel

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Poststructuralist Geographies is the first attempt to draw out and develop the inherent quality that is at the heart of postmodern and poststructuralist perspectives. With expertise in both critical human geography and post-war continental philosophy, the author is able to bring them together in order to fashion a remarkable and thought-provoking introduction to the fundamental difference that space, place, context and milieu make to how we understand and engage with the world and others around us. Authors such as Baudrillard, Deleuze, Derrida, Irigaray, and Lyotard are given a new twist, and the radical consequences are developed across a range of accessible examples, from film to quantum mechanics.


There is a vast amount of thought-provoking analysis in this book... I would recommend it to anyone interested in the central philosophical questions faced by human geographeers and other social scientists. The analysis is extremely erudite, at times very dense.
Few people are likely to be ambivalent about Poststructuralist Geographies. Marcus Doel has written a book that not only sets out to provoke thought but also seems to calculate and anticipate a certain kind of visceral response.