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Cultural Texts and Theories

Stéphanie Genz, Benjamin A. Brabon

Edition: 2

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Essential reading for those seeking a thorough and wide-ranging understanding of postfeminism

New for this edition:

  • Extended critical history of postfeminism
  • Engagement with a new postfeminist vocabulary associated with post-recession
  • Close analysis of the impact of a recessionary postfeminist stance

This text comprehensively surveys and critically positions the main issues, theories and contemporary debates surrounding postfeminism. It covers the term’s underpinnings and critical contexts, its different meanings, as well as popular media representations.

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1. Postfeminist Contexts
Postfeminist Texts and Theories
2. Backlash, New Traditionalism and Austerity-Nostalgia
3. New Feminism: Victim vs. Power
4. Girl Power and Chick Lit
5. Do-Me Feminism and Raunch Culture
6. Liberal Sexism
7. Postmodern (Post)Feminism
8. Queer (Post)Feminism
9. Men and Postfeminism
10. Cyber-Postfeminism
11. Third Wave Feminism
12. Micro/Macro-Politics and Enterprise Culture
13. Postfeminist Brand Culture and Celebrity Authenticity

About the Author

Stéphanie Genz is Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at Nottingham Trent University. She specializes in contemporary gender and cultural theory. Her book publications include Postfeminist Gothic: Critical Interventions in Contemporary Culture and Postfemininities in Popular Culture. Stéphanie’s current work centres on sexist liberalism/liberal sexism in post-recessionary culture that belies assumptions of gender equality and sexual freedom.

Benjamin A. Brabon is Academic Lead for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the Higher Education Academy. A former Reader in English Literature and Digital Education with 5 books to his name, he is recognised within the sector for his work on MOOCs, Gothic fiction and Gender Studies.

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