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A Reader

Stuart Sim

Paperback (Printed to Order)
This is the first source-book for this cross-disciplinary area. It takes students through a wide range of readings from philosophy, politics, and sociology, to human geography, international relations, and feminist studies. Bringing together statements from leading twentieth-century thinkers such as Derrida, Lyotard, Baudrillard, and Laclau and Mouffe, and with the editor's substantial introduction, this is an ideal teaching text, inspiring debate about the future of Marxism as a cultural theory.

About the Author

Stuart Sim is retired Professor of Critical Theory at Northumbria University. He has published widely on critical theory, and is a Fellow of the English Association. Amongst his recent publications are The Lyotard Dictionary (2011), Addicted to Profit: Reclaiming Our Lives from the Free Market (2012), Fifty Key Postmodern Thinkers (2013), and, with Brett Wilson and Barbara Hawkins (eds) Art, Science & Cultural Understanding (2014).


Taken together the extracts in this Reader add up to a very useful pedagogic tool for teachers of theory seeking to explain the twists and turns of Marxist thought in a period of relative eclipse. Sim's introduction is lucid, accessible and free from the jargon that often plagues volumes of this sort.
- The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory
All these essays can be read for profit and pleasure.
- Year’s Work in Critical Cultural Theory