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Political Scandals in the USA

Robert Williams

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From Watergate to Whitewater, US politicians have had their fair share of high-profile debacles that have destroyed careers and brought down political parties. Watergate forced the only presidential resignation in American History, the Iran-Contra affair exposed the limitations of President Reagan, and the Whitewater scandal periodically paralysed the White House and embarrassed President Clinton. This book focuses on presidential and congressional scandals of the last 25 years and offers the first sustained explanation of the reasons for them and their often dramatic consequences. By reading this account of the infamous US politicians who are remembered most for their misdemeanours than their achievements, you will come to understand how the American political system really works.

About the Author

Robin Williams is Professor of Politics (retired) at Durham University. He taught previously at York University, the University of Western Ontario, the Australian National University and Lewis and Clark College.

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