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Plato's Republic

An Introduction

Sean Sayers

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THIS BOOK PROVIDES a clear, lively and highly readable introduction to the main themes of Plato's Republic. It covers Plato's social and political thought, his moral philosophy, his epistemology and metaphysics, and his philosophy of art and literature. Plato's theories in all these areas are presented in concise and straightforward terms. They are located in the context of the views of subsequent philosophers and critically assessed in the light of current debates. The contemporary significance of Plato's ideas is emphasized throughout.

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About the Author

Sean Sayers is Reader in Philosophy at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Well known for his writings on Hegel and Marx, he is the author of Marxism and Human Nature (1998), Reality and Reason (1985) and Hegel, Marx and Dialectic: A Debate (1980) as well as numerous articles in philosophical journals.


This introduction to Plato's Republic is a well-written, clear, and concise commentary on the main themes of the dialogue.
- Choice
Sayers' book will be helpful to students who have to work with Plato's ideas for the first time. Moreover, the accessible style and clarity of presentation will no doubt make it a popular companion to the dialogue for its intended audience.
Illuminating and thought-provoking ... succeeds in drawing convincing connections to contemporary political issues and philosophical debates throughout ... An invaluable aid to teaching first year undergraduates.
This is a book packed with thought-provoking ideas that would excite even the most blasé of our students.
- Maimine Mennasemay