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Planning Law Essentials

Anne-Michelle Slater

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A textbook introduction to planning law in Scotland

Much of the new Scottish planning system, legislated by the Planning etc (Scotland) act 2006 and various secondary legislations, has now been implemented, with a commitment to further reforms. Planning Law Essentials explains the current state of planning law in Scotland as a whole, with a focus on the recent reforms. From national to local planning policy, and from applications to appeals, it is an excellent resource for Scots law students, planners, surveyors, land managers, environmental NGOs and community groups. End-of-chapter summaries highlight the essential facts, while the essential cases summaries show how the planning law has be enacted in practice.


Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
1. Introduction
2. Organisation and Administration of Planning in Scotland
3. National Planning Policy
4. Local Planning Policy
5. Definition of “Development” and the Need for Planning Permission
6. Planning Applications
7. Making the Decision
8. The Effect of a Planning Decision
9. Planning Conditions
10. Planning Agreements/Obligations
11. Enforcement
12. Review and Appeal

About the Author

Anne-Michelle Slater is Head of the School of Law at the University of Aberdeen.

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