A New Materialist Theory of Pedagogy

Tara Page

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Who and how you are is entangled with where you are
  • Offers a new materialist conceptualisation of pedagogy
  • Offers a place based theory of art practice and pedagogy
  • Includes a specific case study of the ways children living in bush-remote Australia know and learn place and belonging
  • This empirical, practice research interweaves the voices and practices of the researcher with the participants
  • Interweaves the text with primary sources including links to colour photographs, film and audio-recordings

Where are you from? This question often refers to someone’s birthplace, childhood home or a place that holds significance. The location that is offered in response to this question is more than a means of orientation; it is a lived place that has complex meanings that identify, are learned and made. Yet, the significance of place to our lives is often overlooked. It is key to understanding who we are and how we are, both individually and collectively.

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  1. Placemaking – the Australian Bush
  2. The Place-World of the Bush
  3. Place
  4. Embodied and Material Pedagogies
  5. Making and Remaking – the Practice Research of Place
  6. The Ethics of Working the Spaces Between

Conclusion References

This book is a vital contribution to learning how placemaking practices and pedagogies matter not only in who we become and how we know the world, but also in being with the world and making the world-place ‘with’ care.
Shiva Zarabadi, MATTER
Placemaking is a meditation on the situated ethics of inhabiting place and space. It reveals that we cannot take for granted our seamless movement in the world. Being-in-the-world requires attentive responsiveness; that is, ‘to take care and to be ‘with’ care.’ This is a work of pedagogy for NOW.
Barb Bolt, University of Melbourne

Tara Page is an artist, researcher, teacher and Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is co-editor of Arts, Pedagogy and Cultural Resistance: New Materialisms (RLI, 2015). She is co-author of Teaching Through Contemporary Art: Innovative Practices in the Classroom (Tate Publishing, 2008).
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