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Philosophy, Music and Emotion

Geoffrey Madell

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Philosophy, Music and Emotion explores two issues which have been intensively debated in contemporary philosophy: the nature of music's power to express emotion, and the nature of emotion itself. It shows how closely the two topics are related and provides a radically new account of what it means to say that music 'expresses emotion'.

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Chapter One - Contour and Convention
Chapter Two - Emotivism
Objectless Feelings
Sympathy, Empathy, or Identification?
Chapter Three - Music's Arousal of Emotion
Why Hanslick is Wrong
Music's Arousal of Emotion
Chapter Four - The Advantages of the New Arousalist Position
Chapter Five - Emotion, Judgement and Desire
Why the Standard Judgementalist View of Emotion is Untenable
Desire and Intentional Feeling
Chapter Six - Pleasure and Emotion
The Threat of Hedonism
Pleasure as a Mode of Attention
A Resolution of the Conflicting Positions
The Analysis of Pleasure and Music's Expression of Emotion
The Indispensability of the Notion of Intentional Feeling
Reaon-Following Desire, and Taking Pleasure in what has Objective Value
Chapter Seven - The Nature of Emotion
The Relation between the Affective and the Intentional Components of Emotion
The Nature of Emotion and Music's Expression of Emotion
Chapter Eight - Music's Expression of Emotion
Emotion in Musical and Non-musical contexts
Hanslick Again
Are there any Emotions that Music Cannot Express?
Some Remaining Difficulties
Chapter Nine - Retrospect

About the Author

Geoffrey Madell is Honorary Faculty Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. He is the author of The Identity of the Self (Edinburgh University Press, 1981) and Mind and Materialism (Edinburgh University Press, 1988) as well as articles in the philosophy of mind, ethics and aesthetics in leading philosophical journals.