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Philosophy and Post-structuralist Theory

From Kant to Deleuze

Claire Colebrook


A critique and overview of contemporary post-structuralist theory.

Exploring the Kantian and phenomenological background of Derrida, Deleuze, Foucault and Irigaray, this book raises some key questions and issues in critical theory. Is it still possible to sustain a transcendental critical project? How do such projects fare in the current terrain of cultural studies and anti-representationalism?

Key Features

  • Original contribution to ethical and critical theory.
  • Situates poststructuralism in its philosophical background, and in the sustained problematic of the enlightenment.
  • Offers a critique of various appeals made to a would-be post-metaphysical or post-human culture.

First published in hardback as Ethics and Representation: From Kant to Post-Structuralism


1. Kant and Enlightenment Recognition
2. Heidegger: Proximity and Dispersion
3. Derrida: Responsibility without Autonomy
4. Irigarary: The Specula(ra)tive Ec(h)hnomy
5. Foucault: Anti-Representationalism and Logophobia
Conclusion: The Risk of Anthropomorphism
List of References

About the Author

Professor of English at Penn State University. She is the author of New Literary Histories (1997), Gilles Deleuze (2002), Understanding Deleuze (2002), Irony in the Work of Philosophy (2002), Gender (2003) and Irony: The New Critical Idiom (2003) and the co-editor of Deleuze and Feminist Theory (1999).

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