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Philosophy and Love

From Plato to Popular Culture

Linnell Secomb

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Philosophy and Love introduces historical and contemporary philosophical reflections on love.

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1 Sapphic and Platonic Erotics
2 Paradoxical Passion in Shelley and Nietzsche
3 Simone de Beauvoir's Desperate Housewives
4 Levinas: Love, Justice and Responsibility
5 Colonial Love in Fanon and Moffatt
6 Irigaray: Re-directing the Gift of Love
7 Barthes: A Lover's (Internet) Discourses
8 Butler and Foucault: Que(e)rying Marriage
9 Amorous Politics: Between Derrida and Nancy

About the Author

Linnell Secombe is a Lecturer in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney. Contributing author to The Edinburgh Dictionary of Continental Philosophy; 2003 Guest Editor of a Special Issue of Cultural Studies Review on Affective Communities; currently working on a book on Communities of Difference.