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Philosophising By Accident

Interviews with Elie During

Bernard Stiegler
Edited and translated by Benoît Dillet

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6 interviews with Bernard Stiegler reveal his motivations behind his philosophy of technics

This new translation of four revised radio interviews, conducted in December 2002 at France Culture with Élie During, is the best introduction to Stiegler’s Time and Technics series. This collection includes a new interview conducted specially for this volume and an interview with Artpress from 2001.

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Notes on the English Translation
Translator’s Introduction: Radiographing Philosophy
1 Philosophy and Technics
2 Technics as Memory
3 Consciousness in the age of industrial temporal objects
4 Consciousness, the unconscious and the unscience
Appendix 1 - The Technologisation of Memory (Artpress interview, 2001)
Appendix 2 - Becoming the quasi-cause of the accident (interview with B. Dillet, 2014)

About the Author

Bernard Stiegler is a French philosopher. He is head of the Institut de recherché et d’innovation (IRI) which he founded in 2006 at the Centre Georges-Pompidou. He is also the founder of the political and cultural group, Ars Industrialis, and the founder in 2010 of the philosophy school, Ecole de Philosophie d’Épineuil-le-Fleuriel. His works include the three-volume series Technics and Time (now out of print in France) translated into English and published by Stanford University Press (1998, 2009, 2011). Philosopher par accident was published in 2004 by Galilée and is now out of print.


Philosophising by Accident provides not only the most accessible introduction to the work of Bernard Stiegler, but perhaps also the most seductive. The interviews brilliantly interweave his re-readings of the history of philosophy and its 'repression' of technics with glimpses into the unique biography of one of the major intellectual figures of the twenty-first century.

- Gerald Moore, Durham University

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