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Persian Historiography

Julie Scott Meisami

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Winner of the 1999 British-Kuwait Friendship Society Prize in Middle Eastern Studies.

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About the Author

Julie Scott Meisami is Lecturer in Persian at The Oriental Institute, Oxford.


[Meisami is] particularly well equipped to approach Persian historical sources from a fresh angle; one that is less concerned with the reliable information’ they might contain, more with why and how they were written… she has opened up many lines of inquiry, and her book comes at the right moment to influence a slowly growing body of scholarship that is seeking to understand what Persian historians regarded as meaningful and why they saw some ‘events’ as memorable rather than others.
- Times Literary Supplement

Until now there has never been a substantial, detailed attempt to give a comprehensive appraisal of this literature as a whole. .. In this ground-breaking work, Julie Meisami attempts to set the record straight and put 'Persian historical writing back on the map of Islamic historiography' ... The issues she raises lead, as indeed they should, to unanswered questions that one hopes will inspire future studies and research on this topic.

- Elton L. Daniel, University of Hawai'i, Iranian Studies
This is a highly praiseworthy undertaking that presents the first monograph ever exclusively dedicated to a comparative study of a wide range of Persian historical writing.
- Christoph Werner, University of Bamberg, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
Meisami is out to set the record straight, and the result is the most original and scholarly contribution to our knowledge of the formative years of this rich and vibrant field of Persian literature.
- Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

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