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Peoples, Cultures and Nations in Political Philosophy

Paul Gilbert

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Wars of national secession and ethnic cleansing have disfigured recent years. These conflicts stem from claims that the same territory is occupied by separate 'peoples' for whom separate political arrangements should be made. Such claims are based on their supposedly distinct racial, ethnic, cultural or national identities. What, though, do such identities really amount to and what ought to be their role in determining the configuration and character of states? This has become a key concern of contemporary political philosophy and this book introduces readers to the materials required to address it:

  • The concepts of race and ethnicity, cultural identity and nationality
  • The relevant political theories, including liberalism, communitarianism and postmodernism
  • The topics of citizenship and migration, multiculturalism, and the ethics of secession

This is the first comprehensive survey of a highly topical issue and its multidisciplinary approach will make it of relevance to courses in philosophy, politics, sociology and cultural studies, as well as of interest to the general reader.

About the Author

Paul Gilbert is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hull. His previous books include The World, the Flesh and the Subject (with Kathleen Lennon, 2005), New Terror, New Wars (2003), Peoples, Cultures and Nations in Political Philosophy (2000), The Philosophy of Nationalism (1998), Terrorism, Security and Nationality (1994), and Human Relationships (1991).