Palestinian Citizens in Israel

A History Through Fiction, 1948-2010

Manar H. Makhoul

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A study of every novel published by Palestinian citizens of Israel between 1948 and 2010
  • Presents a comprehensive study of all 75 novels published by Palestinian citizens of Israel over 62 years
  • Identifies the intellectual and ideological forces that drove major social and political transformations in the community over six decades
  • Develops different concepts relating to Palestinian life in Israel, socially and politically, and in relation to other Palestinians
  • Analyses the process of modernisation and the wide range of reactions to it among Palestinians in Israel
  • Explores the reactions of Palestinians in Israel to the peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization from the 1990s to 2000

This book uses the methodology of sociology and literary studies to come to terms with the reality of Palestinian citizens of Israel across several generations. It explores the evolution of Palestinian identity from one that struggled for independence and self-determination up to 1948, to one that now presses the call for civil rights and civic equality. What were the forces that shaped this transformation over six decades?

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  • The Sociology of the Palestinians in Israel
  • Literature and Nationalism
  • Palestinian Literature
  • Notes

1. Palestinian Novels in Israel, 1948−1967

  • The 1948 War and Military Rule
  • Caution and Adaptation in the Early Years
  • Modernisation Novels
  • Re-evaluation
  • Conclusion
  • Notes

2. Postmodernisations, 1967−1987

  • Counteraction Novels
  • Counter-Erasure
  • Reenchantment Novels
  • Missed Opportunity
  • Doubly Contradictory Identity
  • Identity, Space and Time
  • Passage of Time
  • Conclusion
  • Notes

3. Palestinian Novels in Israel, 1987−2010 − United by Alienation

  • Nostalgic-Folkloric Novels
  • Memory and the Folklorification of the Nakba
  • Intifada Novels
  • Novels of Perplexity
  • Palestinian Alienation in Israel
  • Mutual Palestinian Alienation
  • Conclusion
  • Notes

Reflections: Evolution of Palestinian Identity in Israel


Arguing that literature both reflects and contributes to shaping national discourse and identities, Manar Makhoul writes gracefully about the literature of the Palestinian citizens of Israel from a very informed and incisive point of view. This insightfully pioneering study brings to life texts that have been for long out of the public domain and attention, and finds in them qualities and features largely ignored by previous scholars.
Anton Shammas, University of Michigan
Manar H. Makhoul is Postdoctoral Fellow at the Minerva Humanities Center in Tel Aviv University. He received his PhD in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Cambridge (2013). Manar holds a master’s degree in Contemporary Middle Eastern studies, and a bachelor degree in International Relations, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His Research interests include Palestinian identity, literature, cultural and intellectual history.

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