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Ottoman Sunnism

New Perspectives

Edited by Vefa Erginbaş

Hardback (Forthcoming)

Explores Ottoman Sunnism from the earliest period of the empire to its end

  • Revisionist chapters question established paradigms on Ottoman Sunnism, offering complex and nuanced understandings of the subject
  • Contributes to the ongoing debate regarding confessionalisation in the Ottoman Empire
  • Explains and – where necessary – revises various understandings of Ottoman religion
  • Reflects different perspectives across the Empire, particularly from the Balkans and central heartlands
  • Relevant to historians who study religion in Europe and Asia in the early modern world, allowing for increased comparative insights

Addressing the contested nature of Ottoman Sunnism from the 14th to the early 20th century, this book draws on diverse perspectives across the empire. Closely reading intellectual, social and mystical traditions within the empire, it clarifies the possibilities that existed within Ottoman Sunnism, presenting it as a complex, nuanced and evolving concept.

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A Note on Transliteration

Chapter I: Introduction, Vefa Erginbaş

Chapter II: The Rise of the “Religion and State” Order: Re-Confessionalization of State and Society in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire, Rıza Yıldırım

Chapter III: One Word, Many Implications: The Term “Kızılbaş” in the Early Modern Ottoman Context, Ayşe Baltacıoğlu-Brammer

Chapter IV: Reappraising Ottoman religiosity in the last decades of the sixteenth-century: Mustafa Darir’s Siret and its Alid content, Vefa Erginbaş

Chapter V: Confessionalization or a quest for order? A comparative look at religion and state in the seventeenth-century Ottoman, Russian, and Habsburg Empires, Yasir Yılmaz

Chapter VI: From the Hamzavīyye to the Melamiyye: Transformation of an Order in Seventeenth-Century Istanbul, F. Betül Yavuz

Chapter VII: Fabricating the Great Mass: Heresy and Legitimate Plurality in Harputlu İshak Efendi’s Polemics against the Bektāşī Order, Benjamin Weineck

Chapter VIII: The Ottoman Policy of "Correction of Belief(s)", Necati Alkan

Chapter IX: Some Reflections on the Fluidity of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy in an Ottoman Sunni Context, John J. Curry


About the Author

Vefa Erginbaş is an Assistant Professor of History at Providence College, USA. He has a Ph.D. in history, which he received from the Ohio State University. Erginbaş studies early modern Ottoman intellectual, social, and cultural history. His published works deal with the issues of religious sectarianism in the early modern Islamic world, as well as historical-writing in the Ottoman Empire and Enlightenment in the Islamic world.

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