Nordic Film Cultures and Cinemas of Elsewhere

Edited by Anna Westerstahl Stenport, Arne Lunde

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A globalized history of Nordic film cultures in a transnational context
  • Introduces the concept of “Elsewheres” and “Cinemas of Elsewhere” – of value for many small national film cultures
  • Promotes an understanding of Scandinavian cinemas as world cinemas
  • Examines overlooked and little-known aspects of how Nordic cinemas have been funded, produced, circulated, received, appropriated and re-imagined outside of Scandinavia
  • Addresses cinemas of exile, diaspora, migration, emigration and immigration
  • Integrates examples of early and silent cinema, popular cinema, art cinema, documentary, shorts, experimental film, expanded media, the avant-garde, video art, music videos, ethnography, television and digital representation
  • Engages with questions of colonialism, gender, multi-lingualism, inter- and cross-cultural representation, film practice in the diaspora and visual anthropology
  • Engages with Indigenous cinemas of the North

Nordic Film Cultures and Cinemas of Elsewhere introduces a new concept to Nordic film studies as well as to other small national, transnational and world cinema traditions. Examining overlooked ‘elsewheres’, the book presents Nordic cinemas as international, cosmopolitan, diasporic and geographically dispersed, from their beginnings in the early silent period to their present 21st-century dynamics.

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Contributor Biographies

1. Introduction: Nordic Film Cultures and Cinemas of Elsewhere
Patrick Ellis, Arne Lunde, and Anna Westerstahl Stenport


2. Mapping Cinema’s Ghosts: Reconstructing the Circulation of Nordic Silent Film in Australia
Julie K. Allen

3. Charlie Chan’s Last Mystery, or the Transcultural Disappearance of Warner Oland
Kim Khavar Fahlstedt

4. Karin Fock Göring’s Gravestone: Tracing the Legacy of the Swedish First Lady of the Third Reich
Patrick Wen

5. Mobility and Marginalization: Arne Sucksdorff’s Documentary Authorship in India and Brazil
Emil Stjernholm

6. "Let’s Get a Swede!" Peter Goldmann, The Beatles, and the Origins of the Music Video
Scott MacKenzie

7. Out of the Margins of Feminist Filmmaking: Vibeke Løkkeberg and the Film Cultures of 1970s West Berlin
Ingrid S. Holtar

8. The Gothenburg International Exile Film Festival in Context
Boel Ulfsdotter and Mats Björkin 


9. Opening up the Post-War World in Color: 1950s Geopolitics and Spectacular Nordic Colonialism in the Arctic and in Africa
Anna Westerstahl Stenport

10. The Diasporic and Polyglot Works of Ingrid Bergman
Scott MacKenzie

11. "Here is my home": Voiceover and Foreign-language Versions in Post-war Danish informational film
C. Claire Thomson

12. A Sámi in Hollywood: Nils Gaup’s Transnational and Generic Negotiations
Gunnar Iversen

13. "There is no Elsewhere!" Stories of Race, Decolonization, and Global Connectivity in Göran Hugo Olsson’s Documentaries
Lill-Ann Körber

14. Aki Kaurismäki’s Finno-French Connections and Other Transcultural Elsewheres
Ana Bento Ribeiro

15. Nordic Noir as a Calling Card: The International Careers of Danish Film and Television Talent in the 2010s
Eva N. Redvall


16. Paris Looks to the North: Swedish Silent Film and the Emergence of Cinephilia
Annie Fee

17. Celebrated, Contested, Criticized: Anita Ekberg, a Swedish Sex Goddess in Hollywood
Ann-Kristin Wallengren

18. The Finnish Cinema Colony in North America, 1938−1941
Anneli Lehtisalo

19. The Transnational Politics of Lars von Trier’s and Thomas Vinterberg’s "Amerika"
Linda Badley

20. The Globalization of Danish Documentary: Creative Collaboration and Modes of Global Documentaries
Ib Bondebjerg

21. Elsewheres of Healing: Trans-Indigenous Spaces in Elle-Máijá Apiniskim Tailfeathers’ Bihttoš
Troy Storfjell (Sámi)

22. Denmark beyond Denmark: Soft Power, Talent Development, and Filmmaking in the Middle East
Mette Hjort 


23. Cinephiliac and Political Passions of the Parisian 1950s: Dreyer’s Jeanne d’Arc and the Cinéma d’Essai
Casper Tybjerg

24. I Am Curious (Yellow) as Sex Education in the United States
Saniya Lee Ghanoui

25. Transnational Cinefeminism of the 1970s and Mai Zetterling’s Documentary Elsewheres
Mariah Larsson

26. The Serpent’s Egg: Ingmar Bergman’s Exilic Elsewheres in 1970s New German and New Hollywood Cinema
Anna Westerstahl Stenport and Arne Lunde

27. Bridging Places, Media, and Traditions: Lasse Hallström’s Chronotopes
Lynn R. Wilkinson

28. Criminal Undertakings: Nicolas Winding Refn, European Film Aesthetics and Hollywood Genre Cinema
Björn Nordfjörd

29. The Cinematic Kon-Tiki Expeditions: Realism, Spectacle, and the Migration of Nordic Cinema
Benjamin Bigelow

This rich book on Nordic film cultures explores various cross-cultural contact zones through the prism of cinematic ‘elsewheres’. Ranging from stylistic specificities to socio-historical contexts, and from media archeological excavations to current, transnational flows of media culture, it brilliantly illuminates marginalized spaces and lost horizons, while at the same time boldly proposing to modify the very coordinates of Nordic film culture.
Maaret Koskinen, Emeritus Professor of Cinema Studies, Stockholm University
Anna Westerstahl Stenport is Professor and Chair of the School of Modern Languages at Georgia Institute of Technology. She has written extensively about Nordic cinema, media, visual cultures, culture, drama, and literature. She is the author of Nordic Film Classics: Lukas Moodysson’s ‘Show Me Love’ (Washington, 2012) and co-editor of Films on Ice: Cinemas of the Arctic (with Scott MacKenzie, Edinburgh, 2015) and Arctic Cinemas and the Documentary Ethos (with Lilya Kaganovsky and Scott MacKenzie, Indiana, 2019).

Arne Lunde is Associate Professor in the Scandinavian Section and in Cinema and Media Studies at UCLA. His book Nordic Exposures: Scandinavian Identities in Classical Hollywood Cinema (U. of Washington Press, 2010) explores Scandinavian whiteness and ethnicity in Hollywood cinema between and during the two world wars. He has published in Journal of Scandinavian Cinema, Film International, Film Quarterly, The Moving Image, Scandinavian Studies, Scandinavica, and Comparative Literature.

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