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Nine Centuries of Man

Manhood and Masculinities in Scottish History

Edited by Lynn Abrams, Elizabeth L. Ewan

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What did it mean to be a man in Scotland over the past nine centuries?

Scotland, with its stereotypes of the kilted warrior and the industrial ‘hard man’ has long been characterised in masculine terms, but there has been little historical exploration of what masculinity actually means for men (and women) in a Scottish context. This interdisciplinary collection explores a diverse range of the multiple and changing forms of masculinities from the late eleventh to the late twentieth century, examining the ways in which Scottish society through the ages defined expectations for men and their behaviour.

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Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Interrogating Men in Scottish History, Lynn Abrams and Elizabeth Ewan

Part 1 Models
1. ‘Be wise in thy governing’: Managing Emotion and Controlling Masculinity in Early Modern Scottish Poetry, Sarah Dunnigan
2. Reformed Masculinity: Ministers, Fathers, and Male Heads of Households, 1560-1660, Janay Nugent
3. The Importance and Impossibility of Manhood: Polite and Libertine Masculinities in the Urban Eighteenth Century, Rosalind Carr
4. The Taming of Highland Masculinity: Inter-personal Violence and Shifting Codes of Manhood c.1760-1840, Lynn Abrams

Part 2 Representations
5. Making a Manly Impression: The Image of Kingship on Scottish Royal Seals of the High Middle Ages, Cynthia Neville
6. Contrasting Kingly and Knightly Masculinities in Barbour’s Bruce, Sergi Mainer
7. Negotiating Independence: Manliness and Begging Letters in Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-century Scotland, Katie Barclay
8. A Wartime Family Romance: Narratives of Masculinity and Intimacy during World War Two, Lynn Abrams 

Part 3 Lived Experiences
9. Social Control and Masculinity in Early Modern Scotland: Expectations and Behaviour in a Lowland Parish, Harriet Cornell  
10. A ‘polite and commercial people’? Masculinity and Economic Violence in Scotland, 1700-1760, Tawny Paul 
11. Music Hall, ‘Mashers’ and the ‘Unco Guid’: Competing Masculinities in Victorian Glasgow, Tanya Cheadle  
12. ‘That Class of Men': Effeminacy, Sodomy and Failed Masculinities in Inter- and Post-War Scotland, Jeff Meek 
13. Speaking to the ‘Hard Men’: Masculinities, Violence and Youth Gangs in Glasgow, c. 1965-75, Angela Bartie and Alistair Fraser


About the Author

Lynn Abrams is Professor of Modern History and Head of the School of Humanities at the University of Glasgow. She has published widely on Scottish gender history and was convenor of Women’s History Scotland 2008-13. Her many publications include Oral History Theory (2010), Myth and Materiality in a Woman’s World: Shetland 1800-2000 (2005) and Gender in Scottish History Since 1700 (2006).

Elizabeth Ewan is a Professor of Scottish Studies and History at the University of Guelph.