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Nietzsche on Epistemology and Metaphysics

The World in View

Tsarina Doyle

Few philosophers are as widely read or as widely misunderstood as Nietzsche. In this book, Tsarina Doyle sets out to show that a specifically Kantian-informed methodology lies at the heart of Nietzsche's approach to epistemology and metaphysics. The author claims, contentiously, that both Nietzsche’s early and late writings may be understood as responses to Kant’s constitutive-regulative distinction at the level of epistemology and to his treatment of force and efficient causality at the level of metaphysics.


Part One - Epistemology
1. Nietzsche's Appropriation of Kant
2. Nietzsche's Perspectival Theory of Knowledge
3. Nietzsche's Emerging Internal Realism
Part Two - Metaphysics
4. Justifying the Will to Power
5. The Kantian Background to Nietzsche's Metaphysics
6. Relationality and Intrinsicality in Nietzsche's Metaphysics
Concluding Remarks

About the Author

Dr Tsarina Doyle is a lecturer in Philosophy at the National University of Ireland, Galway.