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New Terror, New Wars

Paul Gilbert

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This is a timely philosophical treatment of the current wave of international terrorism and armed conflicts around the world and the dangers they represent.

The book discusses:

  • The ethical significance of September 11th and its aftermath
  • The causes of new wars in the politics of identity
  • When armed force in pursuit of political goals is justified
  • Whether Just War Theory is adequate for assessing and regulating contemporary conflicts
  • How terrorism should be combatted
  • How external intervention and war crimes trials help or hinder the cause of peace
  • What an international order that both respects cultural differences and achieves peace should be like.

Interdisciplinary and wide ranging in scope the book draws on examples from the Middle East, the former Soviet bloc and elsewhere. It will be required reading for all those concerned with the ethical issues raised by contemporary armed conflicts.


1. Old and New Wars
2. The Right of Self-Defence
3. Myths of Identity
4. Hatred and Revenge
5. The Conduct of War
6. Righting the Wrongs of War
7. Restoring Peace

About the Author

Paul Gilbert is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hull. His previous books include The World, the Flesh and the Subject (with Kathleen Lennon, 2005), New Terror, New Wars (2003), Peoples, Cultures and Nations in Political Philosophy (2000), The Philosophy of Nationalism (1998), Terrorism, Security and Nationality (1994), and Human Relationships (1991).

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