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New Queer Cinema

A Critical Reader

Edited by Michele Aaron

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Coined in the early 1990s to describe a burgeoning film movement, 'New Queer Cinema' has turned the attention of film theorists, students and audiences to the proliferation of intelligent, stylish and daring work by lesbian and gay filmmakers within independent cinema, and to the proliferation of 'queer' images and themes within the mainstream. But what constituted New Queer Cinema then and now? And was it political gains, cultural momentum or market forces that determined its evolution?

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PART I: New Queer Cinema in context
Chapter 1: Introduction (Michele Aaron)
Chapter 2: New Queer Cinema (B. Ruby Rich)
Chapter 3: AIDS and New Queer Cinema (Monica B. Pearl)
PART II: New Queer Filmmaking
Chapter 4: The Characteristics of New Queer Filmmaking: Case Study - Todd Haynes (Michael DeAngelis)
Chapter 5: Camp and Queer and the New Queer Director (Glyn Davis)
Chapter 6: Art Cinema and Murderous Gays (Anneke Smelik)
Chapter 7: New Queer Cinema and Experimental Video (Julianne Pidduck)
PART III: Locating New Queer Cinema
Chapter 8: New Queer Cinema and Lesbian Films (Anat Pick)
Chapter 9: New Queer Cinema: Spectacle, Race, Utopia (Daniel T. Contreras)
Chapter 10: New Black Queer Cinema (Louise Wallenberg)
Chapter 11: Nationality and New Queer Cinema: Australian Film (Ros Jennings and Loykie Lominé)
Chapter 12: New Queer Cinema and Third Cinema (Helen Hok-Sze Leung)
PART IV: Watching New Queer Cinema
Chapter 13: Reception of a Queer Mainstream Film (Harry Benshoff)
Chapter 14: The New Queer Spectator (Michele Aaron).

About the Author

Michele Aaron is Senior Lecturer in American and Canadian Studies at the University of Birmingham.


New Queer Cinema is a very worthwhile, timely project, and Aaron's informed critical perspective is evident throughout.
- Patricia White, Swarthmore College

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