New Perspectives on English Word Stress

Edited by Eiji Yamada, Anne Przewozny, Jean-Michel Fournier, Nicolas Ballier

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The study of English word stress: New perspectives on its history, current state and issues
  • Explores a range of approaches and topics including the Guierrian School of phonology, the relevance of orthography in English phonology, stress placement in English verbs and the diversity of Englishes
  • Examines word stress in English and the diversity of Englishes with discussion of Australian and Singaporean English
  • Brings together contributors from France, Japan and the US
  • Includes over 60 tables and figures to clearly demonstrate key concepts, data and ideas

New Perspectives on English Word Stress explores the mechanism of word stress assignment in contemporary English from different methodological and theoretical perspectives. Comprising nine chapters, these approaches include a historical overview of the study of stress; the relationship between historic changes in stress and meaning; the relationship between spelling and stress; syllable weight and stress; the theoretical treatment of exceptions; stress mechanisms in Australian English; and stress in Singapore English. The book presents new data and provides the reader with access to various approaches to English word stress in phonology.

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Introduction: English Word Stress: Theories, Data and Variation - Eiji Yamada, Anne Przewozny, Jean-Michel Fournier and Nicolas Ballier

1. On the Treatment of English Word Stress within the Generative Tradition: History, Concepts and Debates - Jacques Durand and Eiji Yamada

2. English Word Stress and the Guierrian School - Quentin Dabouis, Jean-Michel Fournier, Pierre Fournier and Marjolaine Martin

3. Stress Placement in Etymologically Prefixed Disyllabic Noun/Verb Pairs Revisited: A Semantic and Diachronic Approach - Jérémy Castanier

4. English Phonology and the Literate Speaker: Some Implications for Lexical Stress - Quentin Dabouis

5. The Stress Patterns of English Verbs: Syllable Weight and Morphology - Quentin Dabouis and Jean-Michel Fournier

6. Lexical Stress in Varieties of Australian English: A Corpus-Based Exploration - Anne Przewozny and Marjolaine Martin

7. Melodic Complexity and Lexical Stress in Singapore English: An Experimental Study - Gabor Turcsan and Oriana Reid-Collins

8. Input Optimization and Lexical Stress in English - Michael Hammond

9. A Solution to Theoretical Shortcomings in the Stress Assignment of Words in English - Eiji Yamada


Eiji Yamada is Professor of English Linguistics at Fukuoka University, Japan

Anne Przewozny is Professor of English Linguistics at Toulouse Jean-Jaurès University, France

Jean-Michel Fournier is Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Tours, France

Nicolas Ballier is Professor of English Linguistics at Université Paris Cité, France

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