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New Korean Cinema

Edited by Chi-Yun Shin, Julian Stringer


A wide-ranging analysis of one of the world's most important contemporary film industries, New Korean Cinema adopts a cross-cultural and multi-dimensional perspective and provides a comprehensive overview of the production, circulation and reception of modern South Korean cinema. Together with discussions of Korean society and culture, it considers the political economy of the film industry, strategies of domestic and international distribution and marketing, the consumption of films in diverse reception environments, and the relation of film texts to their cultural, historical and social contexts. Gathering critics from Asia, Europe and North America, New Korean Cinema contributes to the discussion of the complex role played by national and regional cinemas in a global age. It will be of interest to students and critics of Popular Culture and Film Studies as well as East Asian Studies and Korean Studies.

Key Features

  • The most comprehensive study of one of the world's most exciting new cinemas
  • Provides new insights into the relations forged between cinema and civil society since the early 1990s.
  • Considers innovative and timely areas of concern such as globalization, transnationalism and new media
  • Contains in-depth analyses of key films like Chunhyang, Memento Mori, Peppermint Candy and Take Care of My Cat
  • Includes a glossary of key terms and bibliography of works on Korean cinema
  • Illustrated with 24 black-and-white stills.


Part I: Forging a New Cinema
Contemporary Cultural Production in South Korea: Vanishing Meta-Narratives of Nation
The Korean Film Industry: 1992 to the Present
Globalization and New Korean Cinema
'Chunhyang': Marketing an Old Tradition in New Korean Cinema
'Cine-Mania' or Cinephilia: Film Festivals and the Identity Question
Part II: Generic Transformations
Putting Korean Cinema in Its Place: Genre Classifications and the Contexts of Reception
Horror as Critique in 'Tell Me Something' and 'Sympathy for Mr
Two of a Kind: Gender and Friendship in 'Friend' and 'Take Care of My Cat'
'Just Because': Comedy, Melodrama, and Youth Violence in Attack the Gas Station
All at Sea?: National History and Historiology in Soul's Protest and Phantom, the Submarine
Part III: Social Change and Civil Society
Peppermint Candy: The Will Not to Forget
The Awkward Traveler in 'Turning Gate'
Memento Mori and Other Ghostly Sexualities
Interethnic Romance and Political Reconciliation in 'Asako in Ruby Shoes'
Glossary of Key Terms
Bibliography of Works on Korean Cinema

About the Author

Chi-Yun Shin is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Sheffield Hallam University.

Julian Stringer is a Lecturer in Film Studies in the Institute of Film at the University of Nottingham.


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17/08/2007 Yes Nazi Wireless Propaganda should interest both college students and general readers http://www. RQ1875 T1294
17/08/2007 Invisible M1287 Yes Is to be welcomed as an important step towards our understanding of the power of Nazi radio propaganda towards overseas targets ... the book provokes all sorts of questions and and marks a major advance in the study of Nazi propaganda ... There is an excellent CD included ... These are an invaluable resource: for the reader they bring the subject alive, for the teacher they will be a godsend in persuading students that radio really has mattered as a political force, even though - perhaps even because - it is invisible. http://www. RQ2867 T1294
01/12/2001 Susan Carruthers, University of Aberystwyth The International History Review M1278 Yes A careful, chronologically structured analysis of Germany's English-language stations. He sets out to challenge multiple myths: that 'Haw-Haw' is reducible to Joyce alone, and that Joyce's contribution to wartime propaganda, in turn, is reducible to shrill histrionics to which Britons listened only to alleviate wartime tedium, finding humour in his laughably patrician efforts on behalf of the Nazis. Extensive quotation from the broadcasts is supplemented by an hour-long CD, with selections from twenty-four transmissions taken from different phases of the war. An invaluable teaching tool, the CD permits the distinctive accents, styles, registers (and sexes) of the hydra-headed 'Haw-Haw' to be fully appreciated in a way that transcription alone could never accomplish http://www. RQ3859 T1294
T1246 978 0 7486 2338 9 Neolithic Scotland Noble
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T701 978 0 7486 2209 2 New Cultural Studies Hall 17/08/2007 Mikita Brottman Popmatters M1241 Yes Just when even the stodgiest of academics was getting used to the idea of cultural studies as a traditional academic discipline, here comes a book to shake everything up again http://www. RQ488 T701
17/08/2007 Henry Giroux, McMaster University Yes New Cultural Studies is a rousing call to reinvigorate cultural studies. Presenting and interrogating a range of new theoretical discourses, the book provides a generous and informative look at a new generation of theorists whose work is crucial to understanding the agency of politics within cultural studies. New Cultural Studies is a must read for anyone concerned not just about the future of cultural studies but also about theory’s presence in constructing such a future. http://www. RQ1480 T701
17/08/2007 Lawrence Grossberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Yes This is a wonderful book about emergent possibilities within cultural studies. The contributors valuably deconstruct and rearticulate the too-often taken for granted theoretical discourses of cultural studies. Rather than a declaration of generational independence as the title might suggest, it is an important reminder of the need for cultural studies to go on theorizing, in ever-changing contexts of political demands. http://www. RQ2472 T701
17/08/2007 Angela McRobbie, Goldsmiths College London Yes Hall and Birchall, along with the writers they have included in this volume, breathe fresh intellectual life in the field of Cultural Studies by looking to strands in contemporary philosophy and showing how an animated conversation between Cultural Studies and Philosophy especially in relation to world events, ethics, war, multi-culturalism, technology and the body, is long overdue. The chapters in this collection are erudite and lucid, they are also lively and engaged, and they are highly effective insofar as they bring Cultural Studies into a new era. http://www. RQ3464 T701
01/03/2007 Liam French Art, Design, Media Subject Centre Newsletter M614 Yes An invaluable resource for both lecturers and students in enhancing the teaching and learning experience. This title offers a diverse selection of really well-written and informative interventions (theoretical and methodological) that will undoubtedly be influential in helping to establish both what cultural studies is, and what it might become, as we move further into the 21st Century. http://www. RQ5152 T701
T995 978 0 7486 1852 1 New Korean Cinema Shin 17/08/2007 Screening the Past Yes A vital addition to the body of work available to those teaching Asian cinema in the west. It is a clearly structured and well written series of approaches to Korean Cinema. http://www. RQ191 T995
17/08/2007 David Desser, Unit for Cinema Studies, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana Yes Among the most popular cinemas in Asia and increasingly visible and influential in Europe and the US, recent films from South Korea did not arise out of nowhere. This volume, drawing on scholars from three continents, including many native Korean speakers and scholars, provides a wealth of material for understanding the socio-cultural context out of which these popular films arose and in which they are consumed. Yet its greatest contribution may very well be in analysing not just the ‘why’ of Korean cinema, but the how" - how the Korean film industry remade itself in the early 1990s to become a veritable juggernaut at home and abroad, a major player in global film culture, arguably more important on the world stage today than either the Japanese or Hong Kong cinemas. To this end, the volume provides insightful glimpses into under-appreciated areas within global film studies, such as the significance of film financing and film festivals; the mobilisation of film genre (Horror, comedy, melodrama); and issues of gender and sexuality. Not just a must-read for scholars of Korean film and culture, or Asian cinema, but a major intervention into the study of global media production and consumption.