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New Cultural Studies

Adventures in Theory

Edited by Gary Hall, Clare Birchall

Hardback i (Printed to Order)
What should or could cultural studies look like in the 21st Century? New Cultural Studies is both an introductory reference work and an original study which explores some of the most exciting new directions currently being opened up in cultural studies.

A new generation has begun to emerge from the shadow of the Birmingham School: a generation who have turned to theory as a means to think through some of the crucial problems and issues in contemporary culture. New Cultural Studies: Adventures in Theory collects for the first time the ideas of this generation and explains just why theory continues to be crucial for cultural studies.

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1. Introduction: New Cultural Studies (Clare Birchall and Gary Hall)
Part 1: New Adventures in Theory
2. Cultural Studies and Deconstruction (Gary Hall)
3. Cultural Studies and Post-Marxism (Jeremy Valentine)
4. Cultural Studies and Ethics (Joanna Zylinska)
5. Cultural Studies and German Media Theory (Geoffrey Winthrop-Young)
Part 2: New Theorists
6. Cultural Studies and Gilles Deleuze (Gregory J. Seigworth)
7. Cultural Studies and Giorgio Agamben (Brett Neilson)
8. Cultural Studies and Alain Badiou (Julian Murphet)
9. Cultural Studies and Slavoj Zizek (Paul Bowman)
Part 3: New Transformations
10. Cultural Studies and Anti-Capitalism (Jeremy Gilbert)
11. Cultural Studies and the Transnational (Imre Szeman)
12. Cultural Studies and New Media (Caroline Bassett)
Part 4: New Adventures in Cultural Studies
13. Cultural Studies and Rem Koolhaas' Project on the City (J. McGregor Wise)
14. Cultural Studies and the Post-Human(ities) (Neil Badmington)
15. Cultural Studies and the Extreme (Dave Boothroyd)
16. Cultural Studies and the Secret (Clare Birchall).

About the Author

Gary Hall is Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, Middlesex University

Claire Birchall is Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, Middlesex University