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New British Hispanisms

Paragraph Volume 22, Issue 1

Edited by Chris Perriam

This special edition of Paragraph, 'New British Hispanisms', explores a new direction in the discipline of 'Hispanism'. With six key contributors, this text reviews a variety of subjects, including cultural studies, comedy, male homosexuality and fantasy/science fiction. Paragraph is a leading journal in modern critical theory.


Chris Perriam, ‘‘Hispanism’. Introductory Remarks’

Paul Julian Smith, ‘Towards a Cultural Studies of the Spanish State’

Jonathan Thacker, ‘Rethinking Golden-Age Drama: The Comedia and its Contexts’

Richard Cleminson, ‘Male Homosexuality in Contemporary Spain: Signposts for a Sociological Analysis’

David Vilaseca, ‘‘Waiting for the Earthquake’: Homosexuality, Disaster Movies and the ‘Message from the Other’ in Juan Goytisolo's Autobiography’

Vanessa Knights, ‘Taking a Leap Beyond Epistemological Boundaries: Spanish Fantasy/Science Fiction and Feminist Identity Politics’

Jo Labanyi, ‘Gramsci and Spanish Cultural Studies’

About the Author

Chris Perriam has worked as Professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of Manchester since 2004. He researches and teaches in the areas of Spanish Cultural Studies and Screen Studies and has a special interest in queer culture in Spain, France and Britain.

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