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New Age

A Guide

Daren Kemp


Prizewinner in the twenty-fifth annual AMERICAN BOOK AWARDS for 2004, presented by the Before Columbus Foundation.

What is New Age? Crystals, meditation and astrology. T'ai Chi, Reiki and Feng Shui. Reflexology, aromatherapy and past-life regression. Esalen, the Findhorn Community and Damanhur. Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra and David Spangler.

But many such examples of alternative spiritualities are explicitly not New Age - and few practitioners now describe themselves as New Age. Scholars cannot agree on a definition of New Age, or even whether it exists at all!


I. Overview and Starting Definition
2. The Course: A Case Study
3. History of Ideas
4. Philosophy
5. Anthropology
6. Sociology
7. Psychology
8. Non-Academic Approaches to New Age
9. Academic Literature Survey
10. Future

About the Author

Daren Kemp is author of The Christaquarians? A Sociology of Christians in the New Age and has published a number of academic journal articles on New Age. He co-organised a major international conference on Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies at the Open University and is book review editor for the Journal of New Age Studies.

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