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Natural Catastrophe

Climate Change and Neoliberal Governance

Brian Elliott

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Radically revises our conception of climate change as a political problem, not a natural phenomenon

Brian Elliott persuasively argues that climate change is, in fact, a symptom of neoliberal governance. This helps us to understand how, across wealthy liberal democracies, environmental concern has increasingly been framed as a consumer responsibility issue rather than as a matter of structural social-political transformation.

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  1. Political Natures
  2. Nature’s Ends
  3. Sustainable Development as Neoliberal Environmentalism
  4. Environmental Politics and Place
  5. The City and the Country. Towards a New Environmentalism

About the Author

Brian Elliott is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Portland State University. He is the author of Benjamin for Architects (Routledge, 2011) and Constructing Community (Lexington, 2010). His research is situated at the intersection of political and urban theory.


Natural Catastrophe is an original contribution to the growing field of the environmental humanities. It offers an unorthodox reckoning with the narrative of natural catastrophe that sustains both environmental and neoliberal solutions to the problem of climate change and calls for a return to the radical experiments in political thought seen in the nineteenth century.

- Janet Stewart, Durham University

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