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Native American Studies

Clara Sue Kidwell, Alan Velie

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This guide to Native American history and culture outlines new ways of understanding American Indian cultures in contemporary contexts.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Land and identity
Chapter 3 - Historical Contact and Conflict
Chapter 4 - Tribal Sovereignty
Chapter 5 - Language
Chapter 6 - Indian Aesthetics - Literature
Chapter 7 - Indian Aesthetics - Art
Chapter 8 - The Current Status of Native American/American Indian Studies programs
Suggestions for Further Reading.

About the Author

Clara Sue Kidwell is Director of the Native American Studies program and Professor of History at the University of Oklahoma.

Alan Velie is David Ross Boyd Professor of English at the University of Oklahoma. Author of several books including American Indian Literature (The University of Oklahoma Press, 1979; revd edn, 1991) and Native American Perspectives on Literature and History (The University of Oklahoma Press, 1995).

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