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Nationhood, Migration and Global Politics

An Introduction

Raymond Taras

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A new introduction to contemporary nationhood that sets it apart from national identity, nationalism and diversity

Drawing on extensive research in transnationalism and ethnic conflict around the world, Raymond Taras introduces the concepts of nation and nationalism as they now stand in light of major demographic changes brought about by global migration. The result is a framework for understanding the emergence of postmodern nationhood in the era of globalisation and beyond.

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List of illustrations
1. Reinventing Nationhood
2. Prejudices and Partialities
3. Who Belongs
4. 'Imperial' Russia
5. Multiculturalising Britain
6. Immigrant America
7. Multinational India
8. Multiracial South Africa
9. Peru - Indigenas, Mestizos, Criollos
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About the Author

Raymond Taras is Professor of Political Science at Tulane University.


Professor Taras is an increasingly rare scholar: a wide-ranging social scientist with a mastery of several disciplinary perspectives. In Nationhood, Migration and Global Politics he successfully brings this expertise to bear on questions that could hardly be of greater importance. A must read for students and scholars alike.

- Professor Nasar Meer, University of Edinburgh

With impressive coverage of six countries - Russia, the UK, the US, India, South Africa, and Peru, this book engages a broad array of theories and perspectives to help us better understand some of the most pressing questions we face as a global society.

- Tanya Golash-Boza, University of California

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