Nationalism and Ethnosymbolism

History, Culture and Ethnicity in the Formation of Nations

Edited by Athena Leoussi, Steven Grosby

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Ethnosymbolism offers a distinct and innovative approach to the study of nations and nationalism. It focuses on the role of ethnic myths, historical memories, symbols and traditions in the creation and maintenance of the collective identity of modern nations. This book explores the different aspects of the ethnosymbolic approach to the study of ethnicity, nationality and nationalism.

Nationalism and Ethnosymbolism first introduces the main theoretical considerations that have arisen in nationalism studies in the past two decades. It then presents a collection of case studies covering music and poetry, ethnosymbolism in antiquity, and a wide variety of nations and regions. Areas discussed include Eastern Europe and Russia, the Middle East, the Far East and India, Africa, and the Americas.

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Introduction, Dr Athena S. Leoussi and Professor Steven Grosby
I: Theories of Nationalism and the Ethnosymbolic Approach
Chapter 1: Mapping the field: Theories of Nationalism and the Ethnosymbolic Approach, Dr Daniele Conversi, University of Lincoln
Chapter 2: The Ethnic Enigma: Nationalism, Racism and Globalisation, Professor John Stone and Polly Rizova, Boston University, USA
Chapter 3: Warfare, Remembrance and National Identity, Dr John Hutchinson, London School of Economics
II: Music and Poetry in the Ethnosymbolic Approach
Chapter 4: Music and Nationalism: Five Historical Moments, Professor Jim Samson, Royal Holloway College
Chapter 5: The Sound of England, Professor David Martin, Emeritus, London School of Economics
Chapter 6: Myth, History and Nationalism: Poetry of the British Isles, Professor David Aberbach, McGill University, Canada
III: Antiquity in the Ethnosymbolic Approach
Chapter 7: The Successor Territory, Professor Steven Grosby, Clemson University, USA
Chapter 8: Ethnosymbolism in the Ancient Mediterranean World, Dr Sebastian Garman, Brunel University
IV: Ethnosymbolism in Eastern Europe and Russia
Chapter 9: The Jews and the Formation of Modern National Identity in Poland, Dr Joanna Michlic, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, USA
Chapter 10: Lev Gumilev and Russian National Identity During and After the Soviet Era, Professor Mark Bassin, University of Birmingham
Chapter 11: National Symbols: Ethnicity and Historical Continuity in Post-Communist 'New Europe', Dr Athena S. Leoussi, University of Reading
V: Ethnosymbolism in the Middle East
Chapter 12: Dilemmas of Middle East Politics, Professor John A. Armstrong, Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Chapter 13: The Muslim Umma and the Formation of Middle Eastern Nationalisms, Professor Haim Gerber, The Hebrew University, Israel
Chapter 14: Historical Ethno-symbols in the Emergence of the State of Israel, Professor Allon Gal, Emeritus, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
VI: Ethnosymbolism in the Far East and India
Chapter 15: Ethnosymbolism in China and Taiwan, Dr Peter Ferdinand, University of Warwick
Chapter 16: The Making of a Language of Patriotism in Modern Bengali, Dr Sudipta Kaviraj, SOAS, University of London
VII: Ethnosymbolism in Africa
Chapter 17: Holy Nigerian Nationalisms
Dr Obi Igwara
Chapter 18: Ethnic Demobilisation: The Case of the Afrikaners, Professor Jack Spence, King's College London and Professor David Welsh, Emeritus, University of Cape Town, South Africa
VIII: Ethnosymbolism in the Americas
Chapter 19: Women, War and the Confederate Ethnoscape, Dr Bruce Cauthen, formerly of Emory University, USA
Chapter 20: Ethnic Origins and Indigenous Peoples: An Approach from Latin America, Dr Natividad Gutierrez Chong, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Epilogue: The Power of Ethnic Traditions in the Modern World, Professor Anthony D. Smith, Emeritus, London School of Economics.
Athena Leoussi is a Lecturer in the School of Sociology, Politics and International Relations at the University of Reading. She is one of the founding editors of the journal Nations and Nationalism, published by Blackwell.

Steven Grosby is Professor of Religion at Clemson University, USA. He is author of several books including Nationalism for the OUP series Very Short Introductions.

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