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Narratives for a New Belonging

Diasporic Cultural Fictions

Roger Bromley

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Cultural fictions - texts written from the perspective of the edge - are the focus of this exciting and enlightening book. The author examines the formations of narratives of identity in contemporary 'borderline' fictions and films. The work of migrant and marginalised groups located at the boundaries of nations, cultures, classes, ethnicities, sexualities and genders, is explored through an intricate weaving of theory with textual analysis. Organised around the themes of memory, tradition and 'belonging', the book proposes the space of 'migrant' writing - an emerging third space - as one that challenges fixed assumptions about identity.

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About the Author

Roger Bromley is Professor of Cultural Studies and Director of the Humanities Graduate School at Nottingham Trent University, Author of Lost Narratives: Popular Fictions, Politics and Recent History.

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