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Nancy and the Political

Edited by Sanja Dejanovic

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Examines Jean-Luc Nancy’s latest contributions to the study of the political

Jean-Luc Nancy's latest contributions to philosophy compel us to ask: what sort of politics do we have once we are exposed to the finitude of sense? The contributors to this collection illuminate some of the most challenging aspects of Nancy's thought, making previously unexplored connections and offering spirited interpretations.

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List of Contributors

Introduction: Sense, Praxis, and the Political
Sanja Dejanovic

Event of Sense: Being-With, Ethics, Democracy
1. ‘We Must Become What We Are’: Jean-Luc Nancy’s Ontology as Ethos and Praxis
Marie-Eve Morin

2. Badiou and Nancy: Political Animals
Christopher Watkin

3. Nancy and Hegel: Freedom, Democracy and the Loss of the Power to Signify
Emilia Angelova

4. The Event of Democracy
François Raffoul

5. Thinking Nancy’s ‘Political Philosophy’
Ignaas Devisch

Everything is Not Political
6. Image-Politics: Jean-Luc Nancy’s Ontological Rehabilitation of the Image
Alison Ross

7. Immanent Surface: Art and the Demand for Signification
Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield

8. The Separated Gesture: Partaking in the Inoperative Praxis of the Already-Unmade
John Paul Ricco

The Political Between Two Infinities: Evaluations
9. Im-mundus or Nancy’s Globalising-World-Formation
Jean-Paul Martinon

10. Precarity/Abandonment
Philip Armstrong

11. ‘A Struggle between Two Infinities’: Jean-Luc Nancy on Marx’s Revolution and Ours
Jason E. Smith


About the Author

Sanja Dejanovic is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Trent University


This volume of essays offers a thoroughgoing and nuanced account of Nancy's thinking of the political. Nancy's separation of the political from what he calls 'the sense of the world' yields one of the most original and important contemporary reconficurations of the practice of politics, of ethics and of justice.

- Ian James, University of Cambridge

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