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My Quest for the Middle Ages

Jacques Le Goff

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In this fascinating book, which takes the form of a series of edited interviews with noted journalist Jean-Maurice de Montremy, Jacques Le Goff offers us a synthesis of his work. In the course of these conversations he explains how he came to write his books and how an overall view of the civilisation of the Middle Ages gradually emerged; a civilisation which shaped ‘western’ culture both for better and for worse. Each conversation touches upon one of the major themes of his work and the book as a whole presents the reader with a fascinating attempt to recover, define, and understand the Middle Ages.


1 Becoming a Medievalist
2 A Long Middle Ages
3 Merchants, Bankers and Intellectuals
4 A Civilisation Takes Shape
5 On Earth as in Heaven.

About the Author

Jacques Le Goff is one of Europe's leading historians of the Middle Ages; author of many books and articles including Medieval Civilisation 400-1500 and Intellectuals in the Middle Ages.