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Muslims in Western Europe

Jonas Otterbeck, Jørgen S. Nielsen

Edition: 4

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Introduces the social, political, cultural and religious position of Muslims living in contemporary Europe

This introduction to the story of Muslims in Western Europe describes their early history and outlines the causes and courses of modern Muslim immigration. It explains how Muslim communities have developed in individual countries, their origins, present-day ethnic composition, distribution and organisational patterns, and the political, legal and cultural contexts in which they exist are explored. There is also a comparative consideration of issues common to Muslims in all Western European countries including the role of the family, and the questions of worship, education and religious thought.

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Table of Contents
1. A Brief History
2. France
3. Germany
4. United Kingdom
5. The Netherlands and Belgium
6. Scandinavia
7. Southern Europe
8. Family, Law and Culture
9. Muslim Organisations
10. European Muslims in a New Europe?
A Note on Statistics
Bibliographical Essay

About the Author

Jonas Otterbeck is Professor of Islamic Studies at Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University. Between 1998 and 2008, he held a position as Lecturer in International Migration and Ethnic Relations, Malmö University. He is the author of several books in Swedish, among them: Samtidsislam (Present day Islam) (2010), Islam på svenska (Islam in Swedish) (2000), and several articles in English in journals like Ethnic and Racial Studies and Contemporary Islam.

Jørgen S. Nielsen is an Honorary Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Copenhagen. He is the author of Muslims in Western Europe (3rd edition, Edinburgh University Press, 2004), and editor of a number of recent books, including Islam in Denmark: The Challenge of Diversity (2012) and Yearbook of Muslims in Europe (from 2009).


Now in its fourth edition, this book is replete with up-to-date information on Muslim populations and organisations and highly relevant for policy makers and journalists on issues of immigration, multiculturalism and religion.

- Jocelyne Cesari, University of Birmingham, Georgetown University, Harvard University

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