Muslim Spain Reconsidered

From 711 to 1502

Richard Hitchcock

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Introduces a unique and successful society, and its powerful legacy in forming modern Spain

What made Muslim Spain a unique and successful society? By adopting a multidisciplinary approach within a chronological framework, Richard Hitchcock explores the nature of Muslim Spain's powerful legacy in the formation of modern Spain, whilst constantly keeping in view the shifting social patterns caused by the changing balance between town and country, constant military activity and concerns about their environment.

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Introduction: Iberian background
1. The invasion of the Iberian Peninsula – the eighth century
2. The establishment of the Umayyad state in al-Andalus – the ninth century
3. Al-Andalus in the tenth century
4. The eleventh century – a time of change
5. Al-Andalus under the rule of the Berber dynasties
6. The thirteenth and fourteenth centuries
7. The fifteenth century – the final phase of Muslim rule in al-Andalus

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Richard Hitchcock is a emeritus professor at the University of Exeter. He is author or editor of several books including The Kharjas (Boydell & Brewer), Studies on the Muwassah and the Kharja (Ithaca Press), Mozarebs in Medieval and Early Modern Spain (Ashgate) and The Arab Influence in Medieval Europe (Ithaca Press).

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