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Muslim Political Participation in Europe

Edited by Jørgen S. Nielsen

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Analyses European Muslim communities' developing involvement in their political environment and related Muslim and public debates

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1. Introduction , Jørgen S. Nielsen
Part One Laying foundations: national and local elections
2. Muslim political participation in Belgium: an exceptional political representation in Europe, Fatima Zibouh
3. Muslim political participation in Germany: a structurationist approach, Maike Didero
4. Political opinions and participation among young Muslims in Sweden: a case study, Jonatan Bäckelie and Göran Larsson
5. Lithuanian Muslims’ attitudes toward participation in democratic political process: the case of converts, Egdūnas Račius
6. Political participation of European Muslims in France and the United Kingdom, Salima Bouyarden
Part Two Participation as integration
7. Muslim collective mobilisations in contemporary Europe: new issues and new types of involvement, Franck Frégosi
8. How politically integrated are Danish Muslims? Evidence from the Muhammad cartoons controversy, Lasse Lindekilde
9. Limits and potentialities of the Italian and British political systems through the lens of Muslim women in politics, Alessia Belli
10. Representing ‘Islam of the banlieues’: class and political participation among Muslims in France, Z. Fareen Parvez
Part Three Institutions as gateways
11. Creating the image of European Islam: the European Council for Fatwa and Research and Ireland, Adil Hussain Khan
12. The political participation of Polish Muslim Tatars – the result of or the reason for integration? From Teutonic wars to the Danish cartoons affair, Agata S. Nalborczyk
13. The Alevi quest in Europe through the redefinition of the Alevi movement: recognition and political participation, a case study of the FUAF in France, Deniz Kosulu
14. Leicester Muslims: citizenship, race and civil religion, Carolina Ivanescu
Part Four Breaking the bounds
15. Muslims and electoral politics in Britain: the case of the Respect Party, Tim Peace
16. Clichés are funny as long as they happen on stage: comedy as political criticism, Riem Spielhaus
Notes on the contributors

About the Author

Jørgen S. Nielsen is an Honorary Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Copenhagen. He is the author of Muslims in Western Europe (3rd edition, Edinburgh University Press, 2004), and editor of a number of recent books, including Islam in Denmark: The Challenge of Diversity (2012) and Yearbook of Muslims in Europe (from 2009).


This book provides a foundation for the study of Muslim political participation in Europe. In particular it will contribute to undermining the essentialist stereotypes which have poisoned much of European debate about Muslims.

- Samim Akgönül, Professor at Strasbourg University

'The book is a historical, political, emigrational and biographical document of Muslim participation and integration in European society. It is a good read for students, scholars and research fellows who want to know the political history of Muslims and their participation in European politics.'

- Sajjad Mohammad, The Islamic Quarterly

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