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Music Video and the Politics of Representation

Diane Railton, Paul Watson

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How can we engage critically with music video and its role in popular culture? What do contemporary music videos have to tell us about patterns of cultural identity today?

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Part 1: Towards a Critical Vocabulary
1. Situating Music Video: Between Feminism and Popular Culture
2. Genre and Music Video: Configurations and Functions
3. Making it Read: Authorship and Authenticity
Part 2: Sexed, Raced and Gendered Identity in Music Video
4. Music Video in Black and White: Race and Femininity
5. That Latin(a) Look: Performing Ethnicity
6. Masculinity and the Absent Presence of the Male Body

About the Author

Senior Lecturer in English Studies at Teesside University.

Principal Lecturer in English Studies at Teesside University


Music Video and the Politics of Representation provides an essential contribution to the literature, offering new ways of thinking about narrative, genre, representation and form. Especially valuable are its case studies, which consider videos that share musical styles or mode of address: here music video's oddness comes forward, its unexpected, shifting and quirky meanings. This book is an important addition that will help initiate a renaissance of scholarship on the genre.
- Carol Vernallis, Associate Professor, Arizona State University

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