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Music, Sound and Multimedia

From the Live to the Virtual

Edited by Jamie Sexton

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This new series aims to explore the area of "screen music". Volume topics will include multimedia music, music and television, Hollywood film music, and the music of Bollywood cinema.

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PART I: Music Videos
1. Anime Music Videos (Dana Milstein)
2. Fan Videos (Angelina I. Karpovich)
PART II: Video Game Music
3. Immersion and music in Videogames (Rod Munday)
4. Case Study: Silent Hill - Sound in Film vs Video Games (Zach Wallen)
PART III: Performance and Presentation
5. Sound and Music exhibitions/installations (Jamie Sexton)
6. Pop Music, multimedia and live performance (Jem Kelly)
7. Electroacoustic Music and Performance (Randolph Jordan)
PART IV: Production and Consumption
8. Sound and Web Site Design (Lee Tsang)
9. Music media in young people's everyday lives (Dan Laughey)
10. Case Study: the Apple iPod (Kieran Kelly).


This excellent volume will be useful to those in ethnomusicology and popular music studies who have been contemplating the new musical environments of digital media and broadband internet in recent years… There is a great deal here to both provoke and inspire ethnomusicologists working on, or with, new media.
- Martin Stokes, St. John’s College, Oxford, Ethnomusicology Forum
This is a valuable book about important topics, written by fresh voices on the academic music scene. It is well worth the investment of money and time for the general reading public, and merits adoption as a primary resource for the growing ranks of university courses about music in the digital age… this collection of essays sets a high standard among similar edited volumes, by virtue of the diversity and timeliness of its topics in digital media, its strong basis in recent secondary literature, and the appropriateness of the specific examples for each of the medial practices.
- James Deaville, Music, Sound and the Moving Image

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