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Muriel Rukeyser and Documentary

The Poetics of Connection

Catherine Gander

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Provides a new perspective on the documentary diversity of Muriel Rukeyser’s work and influences

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1. Introduction
2. The Photo-text
3. The Lives
4. Documentary and the emergence of American Studies
5. Landscape, navigation and cartography
6. Conclusion
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About the Author

Catherine Gander is a Lecturer in American Literature at Queen's University Belfast. She has published articles on Muriel Rukeyser and interdisciplinary poetics. Her teaching and research primarily explore verbal and visual interrelations, and she is currently writing a second book, exploring ethics, aesthetics and crisis in contemporary American writing.


This especially rich work takes on Rukeyser's uses of documentary forms (filmic, photographic, journalistic, historical, biographical) to argue for their persistence throughout her career. It is presented with patient clarity and substantial archival research which underpin agile conceptualisations and powerful close readings of the poetry.

- Professor Ian F. A. Bell, School of English, Keele University