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Multiculturalism Rethought

Interpretations, Dilemmas and New Directions

Edited by Varun Uberoi, Tariq Modood

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Explores contemporary multicultural dilemmas through the lens of Bhikhu Parekh’s political thought

Read and download the Preface by Tariq Modood and the Introduction by Varun Uberoi for free (pdf)

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Introduction, Varun Uberoi
PART 1. Traditions of Pluralist Thought, 1: Situating Parekh’s Multiculturalism: Bhikhu Parekh and Twentieth Century British Political Theory, Paul Kelly
2: Gandhi, Intercultural Dialogue and Global Ethics: An Interpretive Commentary on Bhikhu Parekh’s Work, Thomas Pantham
: National Identities and Moving Beyond Conservative and Liberal Nationalism', Varun Uberoi
PART 2. Elucidating and Addressing Multicultural Dilemmas, 4: At the Borders of Otherness: Tracing Feminism through Bhikhu Parekh’s Multiculturalism, Monica Mookherjee, 5: Liberty, Equality and Accommodation, Peter Jones
6: Parekh’s Multiculturalism and Secularism: Religions in Political life, Rajeev Bhargava, 7: Identity, Values and the Law, Raymond Plant
PART 3. New Directions
8: The Essentialist Critique of Multiculturalism: Theories, Policies, Ethos, Will Kymlicka
9: Beyond Rules and Rights: Multiculturalism and the Inclusion of Immigrants, Joseph H Carens
10: Multiculturalism and the Public Sphere, Andrew Gamble
11: Can Democracy be Multicultural? Can Multiculturalism Be Democratic?, Benjamin Barber
12: Interculturalism, Multiculturalism, Charles Taylor
13: Rethinking Multiculturalism, Interculturalisms and the Majority, Tariq Modood.

About the Author

Varun Uberoi is Senior Lecturer in Political Theory and Public Policy at Brunel University.

Tariq Modood is Professor of Sociology, Politics and Public Policy and the founding Director of the Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship at the University of Bristol. He is a Fellow of the British Academy.


‘Multiculturalism’ has gathered multiple meanings and thereby much misunderstanding and contention. Unusually, as both political theorist and engaged public intellectual, Bhikhu Parekh did much to clarify the issues and defend and promote progressive policies. These excellent essays, all by distinguished political theorists, assess his contributions and carry the debate further.

- Steven Lukes, Professor of Sociology, New York University

Bhikhu Parekh has long faced one of the main challenges of political life across the world today. His view of what living in a multicultural society requires of us all now sets the terms for any serious response. This book shows how much and how little other political theorists have so far learnt from him.

- John Dunn, Emeritus Professor of Political Theory, University of Cambridge & Fellow of King's College

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