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Mothers and Daughters in the Twentieth Century

A Literary Anthology

Edited by Heather Ingman


This anthology of women's writing on the mother-daughter relationship covers the whole of the twentieth century and includes writing from many different cultures - black American, Jewish, West Indian, Irish, Chinese-American. The anthology has headnotes giving brief biographical details for each author plus suggestions for further reading. There is a substantial introduction tracking the evolution of the mother-daughter relationship in the twentieth century, setting it in the context of developments in psychoanalytical and feminist theory.

  • Covers fiction, non-fiction and poetry from different cultures and different decades
  • Substantial introduction tracing the evolution of the mother-daugher relationship in the 20th century
  • Headnotes place the extracts in their historical and cultural context
  • Overview of feminist and psychoanalytical theory relating to the mother-daughter relationship

About the Author

Heather Ingman is currently Lecturer in English at the University of Hull where she specialises in Women's Studies.