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Morphological Theory and the Morphology of English

Jan Don

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A textbook introduction to morphological theory in the context of English

This introduction to morphology offers graduate students and advanced undergraduate students in linguistics an accessible entry point to the primary literature in the field of morphology.

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1. Knowledge of Words
2. Word-formation in the lexicon
3. Inflectional morphology
4. Argument-structure: nominalization
5. Argument-structure: derived verbs
6. Analogy, Storage and rules
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About the Author

Jan Don is an associate professor of the University of Amsterdam. He graduated from Utrecht University in 1993 with a dissertation on morphological conversion. Since he has published several papers on the morphology of Dutch and some more theoretical contributions. He was co-editor of Parts of Speech, a volume on the theory of word-classes. Recently, he was co-editor of an introduction to linguistics for Dutch students.


Jan Don’s lucid and down-to-earth discussion of core phenomena in English morphology is an ideal introduction for advanced students who have the ambition of reading recent primary literature in this area. Don does an excellent job of explaining what problems researchers have been working on, and why. His evaluation of proposed solutions is balanced and insightful. Theoretically informed, unpretentious and fun.

- Ad Neeleman, Department of Linguistics, UCL

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