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Modernist Literature and Postcolonial Studies

Rajeev S. Patke

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Provides a fresh account of modernist writing in a perspective based on the reading strategies developed by postcolonial studies

Neither modernity nor colonalism (and likewise, neither postmodernity nor postcoloniality) can be properly understood without recognition of their intertwined development. This book interprets modernity as an asymmetrically global phenomenon complexly connected to the course of Western imperialism, and demonstrates how the impact of Western modernism produced new developments in writing from all the former colonies of Europe and the US. These developments constitute the afterlife of Western modernism.

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General Editors’ Preface
Chapter 1: Introductory Survey
1.1 Becoming ‘modern’
1.2 ‘Modern’ in a postcolonial perspective
1.3 ‘Otherness’ and the modernist imagination
Chapter 2: Three Debates
2.1 Modernist literature and the Left
2.2 Modernist literature and the Right
2.3 Modernist literature and race
Chapter 3: Case Studies
3.1 Modernism and gender
3.2 Modernist allegory
3.3 Modernism and faith
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About the Author

Rajeev S. PATKE studied in Pune and Oxford. He has taught at the National University of Singapore, and is currently Director of the Division of Humanities at Yale-NUS College in Singapore.


'This slim and attractive study by Rajeev Patke contributes to the intellectual reassessment of the ways in which modernist literary culture is inflected by colonial an dimperialist history across the globe. … Impressive in its range of reference.'
- Benjamin Poore, Times Literary Supplement

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