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Modernism, Internationalism and the Russian Revolution

David Ayers

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Explores the impact of the Russian Revolution and League of Nations on British modernist culture

Modernism, Internationalism and the Russian Revolution examines responses to the Russian Revolution and the formation of League of Nations in literature and journalism in the years following 1917. We see how visitors to Moscow responded to meeting Lenin, how the Bolsheviks intervened in the British public sphere, and how cultural figures such as Leonard Woolf, H.G. Wells and T.S. Eliot, debated the League and the Revolution.

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1. The Two Internationals
2. Masaryk and the New Europe
3. Reporting Realities: Henry Noel Brailsford
4. British Visitors to Russia
5. Clare Sheridan: A Sculptor in the Kremlin
6. Conveying the New Russian Culture: from Eden and Cedar Paul to René Fülöp-Miller
7. The Criterion, the English Trotsky, and the Idea of Europe
8. Fiction and Story of the Russian Revolution
Coda: Brave New World
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About the Author

David Ayers is Professor of Modernism and Critical Theory at the University of Kent. He has published books on Wyndham Lewis, English Literature of the 1920s, Modernism, and Literary Theory, and is editor for the book series of the European Network of Avant-garde and Modernism Studies.


Modernist studies often asks about the 'politics' of literature; Ayers returns to the geopolitical moment after World War I to repose this question with a bold literalness. Considering a wide range of works, high and low, he offers a fresh, richly textured account of how British writers viewed the large-scale remaking of the world that occurred in the wake of the Russian Revolution.

- Tyrus Miller, University of California, Irvine

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