Modern Scottish Culture

Michael Gardiner

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An overview of Scottish culture from the time of union with England and Wales up to and through the moment of devolution to the present.

A wide-ranging introduction to Scottish culture, this book examines the central place of Scottish cultural studies within British cultural studies, describing the changing relationship of Scotland and the union as a whole. Scotland has a disproportionately high production of British output in many fields - technological, colonial, political, artistic and literary - and this book shows how Scotland, long used to the differences between nation and government, is leading the constitutional changes which are accompanying the break-up of the British union today. It condenses much of the pioneering research done on Scottish Studies over the last couple of decades, as well as introducing new research which helps link the field and make sense of this rapidly changing nation. Each chapter introduces an aspect of modern Scottish culture, including film, religion, sport, cultural history, mass media and literature.

The first introduction to Scottish cultural studies, this book is aimed at undergraduates, 'A' Level students and the general reader interested in the culture of Scotland, and cultural studies as a whole.

Key Features

  • The first introduction to Scottish cultural studies, aimed at a wide audience of undergraduates, 'A' Level students and the general reader interested in the culture of Scotland, and cultural studies as a whole
  • Accessibly written, covering each period since the start of the eighteenth century
  • Each chapter includes a summary, suggestions for further reading and questions for personal research.

1. What is Scotland?
2. Cultural History I: Before 1822
3. Cultural History II: After 1822
4. Scottish Philosophy
5. Education in Scotland
6. Religion in Scotland
7. Scots Law
8. Sport in Scotland
9. Scotland's Languages
10. The Scottish Parliament
11. The Contexts of Modern Scottish Literature
12. Visual Arts and Architecture
13. The Mass Media
14. Scottish Music.
A lively, wide-ranging and insightful introduction to Scottish identity... The book appears intended as a college text on teh subject. It's a good one. Gardiner's style is clear and readable. Because he expresses his opinions, the narrative itself has a rugged, partisan Scottish personality. i know no bettersingle-volume introduction to contemporary Scotland and Scottish society. If you would get a handle on Scotland, people and soul, and how its past shapes its present, this is the way.
British Heritage
Surely the sparkiest of the young generation of Scottish cultural commentators, Michael Gardiner has produced a remarkable freehand sketch of the modern nation. At his best he writes with incisive disrespect, and with an insightful sense of achievement and possibility. From Enlightenment to bhangra, from philosophy to film, Modern Scottish Culture presents its subject in a way that is jargon-free, provocative, and entertainingly wide-ranging.
Robert Crawford, University of St Andrews
A stimulating survey of Scottish cultural and political identity, from law to football, literature to architecture, education to religion, kailyard to parliament and more. Gardiner reassesses in witty fashion what those often unexamined words ‘Britain’ and ‘Scottish’ might mean today, not to mention the status of that other stateless nation ‘England’. His field is wide and from the Highland clearances to the ‘cultural clearances’, from Macbeth to Shallow Grave, Gardiner offers a highly entertaining primer on the state of Scotland, backed up by probing questions and excellent lists of further reading. A lively book from start to finish, informed, insightful, quick and irreverent.
Roderick Watson, University of Stirling
Michael Gardiner is Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Warwick

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