Modelling World Englishes

A Joint Approach to Postcolonial and Non-Postcolonial Varieties

Edited by Sarah Buschfeld, Alexander Kautzsch

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Presents a new way to categorize Englishes around the globe
  • Brings together a range of distinguished researchers in the field of World Englishes to evaluate the Extra- and Intra-Territorial Forces (EIF) Model
  • Jointly examines postcolonial and non-postcolonial varieties of English which have so far been treated separately
  • Presents case studies analysing a range of varieties of English within the World Englishes paradigm

This book brings together two types of varieties of English that have so far been treated separately: postcolonial and non-postcolonial Englishes. It examines these varieties of English against the backdrop of current World Englishes theory, with a special focus on the extra- and Intra-Territorial Forces (EIF) Model. Bringing together a range of distinguished researchers in the field, each chapter tests the validity of this new model, analyses a different variety of English and assesses it in relation to current models of World Englishes. In doing so, the book ends the long-standing conceptual gap between postcolonial and non-postcolonial Englishes and integrates these in a unified framework of World Englishes.

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Foreword, Sarah Buschfeld

1: Introduction, Sarah Buschfeld and Alexander Kautzsch

2: English in England: The Parent Perspective, Clive Upton

3: English in Namibia: Multilingualism and Ethnic Variation in the Extra- and Intra-territorial Forces Model, Anne Schröder and Frederic Zähres

4: English in the United Arab Emirates: Status and Functions, Saeb Sadek

5: English in India: Global Aspirations, Local Identities at the Grassroots, Sachin Labade, Claudia Lange and Sven Leuckert

6: English in Singapore: Two Issues for the EIF Model , Lionel Wee

7: English in the Philippines: A Case of Rootedness and Routedness, Bejay Villaflores Bolivar

8: English in South Korea: Applying the EIF Model, Sofia Rüdiger

9: English in Japan: The Applicability of the EIF Model, Saya Ike and James D’Angelo

10: English in Australia – Extra-Territorial Influences, Kate Burridge and Pam Peters

11: English in North America: Accounting for Its Evolution, Edgar W. Schneider

12: English in The Bahamas and Developmental Models of World Englishes: A Critical Analysis, Stephanie Hackert, Alexander Laube and Diana Wengler

13: Standard English in Trinidad: Multinormativity, Translocality, and Implications for the Dynamic Model and the EIF Model, Philipp Meer and Dagmar Deuber

14: Englishes in Tristan da Cunha, St Helena, Bermuda and the Falkland Islands: PCE, non-PCE or both? Blurred Boundaries in the Atlantic, Daniel Schreier

15: English in Ireland: Intra-territorial Perspectives on Language Contact, Patricia Ronan

16: English in Gibraltar: Applying the EIF Model to English in Non-Postcolonial Overseas Territories, Cristina Suárez-Gómez

17: English in Ghana: Extra- and Intra-Territorial Forces in a Developmental Perspective, Thorsten Brato

18: Synopsis: Fine-Tuning the EIF Model, Sarah Buschfeld

Sarah Buschfeld is a Professor of English Linguistics (Multilingualism) at TU Dortmund University, Germany

Alexander Kautzsch was an assistant professor at the University of Regensburg

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