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Mixed Methods Research for TESOL

James Brown

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How to link research to practice in TESOL methodology

This textbook arises out of a need that has existed for years: for trained TESOL teachers to understand both qualitative and quantitative research methods. It proposes that mixed methods research (MMR) meets that need by combining the best aspects of both research traditions. Divided into three main sections, each chapter illustrates core principles in practice, using case studies of English teaching worldwide. Written specifically for those studying TESOL teaching, this textbook is the first to teach methods and practice in a global context. In linking to the latest developments in the field, it introduces TESOL teachers to MMR in a reflective and accessible manner.

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About the Author

James Dean (“JD”) Brown is Professor of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. He has presented speeches, workshops, and courses in many countries ranging from Brazil to Yugoslavia, and served on many editorial boards, the TOEFL Research Committee, and the Executive Board of TESOL. He has also published numerous journal articles, chapters, and books on language testing, curriculum design, research methods, program evaluation, and connected speech.

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