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Minds and Computers

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Matt Carter

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Could a computer have a mind? What kind of machine would this be? Exactly what do we mean by ‘mind’ anyway?

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About the Author

Matt Carter is a Lecturer in the Philosophy Department at Melbourne University.


This book is an excellent introduction to some of the most important problems within the philosophy of artificial intelligence... Carter's book is in fact highly interdisciplinary, but he has clearly succeeded in integrating some very crucial topics regarding artificial intelligence in a clever and thought-provoking manner... The book will be an excellent choice as a textbook to be used for a university course introducing important and interesting problems within the philosophy of artificial intelligence.
- History and Philosophy of Logic
Like good science fiction, Matt Carter's Minds and Computers essentially constitutes an exploration into what makes human beings what they are... [It] is a teaching tool par excellence and should find its way into every classroom where the philosophy of mind is being studied.
- Heythrop Journal