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Mercenaries in British and American Literature, 1790–1830

Writing, Fighting, and Marrying for Money

Erik Simpson

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In Mercenaries in British and American Literature, 1790-1830, Erik Simpson proposes the mercenary as a meeting point of psychological, national, and ideological issues that connected the severed nations of Britain and America following the American Revolution.

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Introduction: Mercenary, Contractor, Volunteer, Slave
1. Ormond's Fighters: Authorship, Soldiering, and the Transatlantic Charles Brockden Brown
2. Encountering the Mercenary: Native American Auxiliaries, the American Revolution, and Charlotte Smith
3. 'A Good One though Rather for the Foreign Market': Walter Scott, Lord Byron, and the Romantic Mercenary
4. Loyalty, Independence, and James Fenimore Cooper's Revolution
5. The Bravos of Venice
Epilogue: Mercenaries and the Modern Military
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About the Author

is an Associate Professor of English at Grinnell College and the author of Literary Minstrelsy, 1770-1830: Minstrels and Improvisers in British, Irish, and American Literature (2008).

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