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Men's Bodies

Paragraph Volume 26 Issue 1-2

Edited by Judith Still

Paperback (Printed to Order)

This special issue, Volume 26 Numbers 1 and 2, brings together differing approaches (from a diverse range of disciplines) to the question of the representation of men's bodies in twentieth-century visual culture - from art photography and cinema to popular culture, advertising and pornography. These are bodies of different colours, nationalities, sexualities, ages, which are available to be gazed upon by many different consumers even though the location of the different images may condition both who looks and how they look.


(Re)presenting Masculinities: Introduction to Men's Bodies, JUDITH STILL
SECTION I: Re-posing Men
Masculinity and Muscularity: Dr Paul Richer and Modern Manhood, ANTHEA CALLEN
Kitsch and Classicism: the Male Nude in the 20th Century, EDWARD LUCIE-SMITH
Morimura/Duchamp: 'Image Recycling' and Parody, KERSTIN BRANDES
Show your Wounded Manliness: Promises of Salvation in the Work of Joseph Beuys, CORINNA TOMBERGER
Tom's Men: the Masculinization of Homosexuality and the Homosexualization of Masculinity at the end of the Twentieth Century, GUY SNAITH
Freak Flag: Humour and the Photography of George Dureau, MELODY D. DAVIS
In Conversation: Photographer Ajamu and Cultural Critic Anita Naoko Pilgrim, AJAMU X AND ANITA NAOKO PILGRIM
What is a Man? Looking at the Traces of Men's Sexuality, Race and Class in the Work of Some Contemporary Photographers, JUDITH STILL
Fellas in Full Frontal Frolics: Naked Men in For Women magazine, CLARISSA SMITH
Underexposed: Spectatorship and Pleasure in Men's Underwear Advertising in the Twentieth Century, PAUL JOBLING
The Language of Bodybuilding, JEREMY STRONG
'Support our Boys': AIDS, Nationalism and the Male Body, JOHN LYNCH
A Genealogical Approach to Idealised Male Body Imagery, ROSALIND GILL, KAREN HENWOOD AND CARL McLEAN
Section II: Moving Men: Masculinity and the Moving Image
Reclaiming the Corporeal: The Black Male Body and the 'Racial' Mountain in Looking for Langston, CHI-YUN SHIN
Exposing Himself: Sweet Sweetback's Body, DOROTHY C. BROADDUS
The W/hole and the Abject, PHIL POWRIE
Queer Masculinity: The Representation of John Paul Pitoc's Body in Trick, NIALL RICHARDSON
Racing Forms and the Exhibition(ist) (Mis)Match: Second Thoughts on the Anxiety of Production, CALVIN THOMAS
Mainstreaming the Money Shot. Reflections on the Representation of Ejaculation in Contemporary American Cinema, GREG TUCK
Homosexual Prototypes: Repetition and the Construction of the Generic in the Iconography of Gay Pornography, JOHN ME

About the Author

Judith Still is Professor of French and Critical Theory and Head of the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies at the University of Nottingham. She is the author of Justice and Differences in the Works of Rousseau (CUP, 1993), Feminine Economies: Thinking against the Market in the Enlightenment and the Late Twentieth Century (MUP, 1997), Derrida and Hospitality (EUP, 2010, Gapper Prize winner 2011) and Enlightenment Hospitality (Voltaire Foundation, 2011).

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