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Memories of Odysseus

Frontier Tales from Ancient Greece

Francois Hartog

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This is a book about identity, about how the ancient Greeks saw themselves and others, and what this tells us in turn about Greek mentality and culture. It looks at voyagers and explorers, at travels in reality and in the mind, and shows what these reveal at key points in Greek history from the creation of Homer's monumental epic around 700 BC to the high Roman imperial period some eight hundred years later.

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About the Author

François Hartog is Directeur d'études at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) and is also the Director of the Centre Louis Gernet de recherches comparées sur les sociétés anciennes (which unites researchers from the EHESS, the Centre National de Récherches Scientifiques and the University of Paris). His books include Le Miroir de’Hérodote: Essai sur la représentation de l’autre (Gallimard 1980; revised edn 1991).


A handsome volume, full of challenging insights… each chapter is a model of invigorating lucidity… a tour de force… this is a wonderful read. H's writing (excellently translated) is never less than inspirational, driven by a powerful vision and supported by a truly impressive command not only of source material but also of the secondary literature (in a variety of languages.) It will no doubt find the wide readership it merits.
This is an endlessly exhilarating book.
The reader is taken on an absolutely amazing journey… provides valuable insights into intercultural contact in the ancient Mediterranean."
Possibly the most interesting book on the ancient world I have read in the past ten years
- James Davidson